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Behind myvalet

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Behind myvalet

Our dry cleaners were selected by us to do all the work because they shared the same visions we did and they had the 3 important ingredients to make our service to you successful, which are: 5 Points of Distinction:

  • Passion

  • Pride

  • Productivity

Unlike many, they are customer conscious and service orientated, working on the old fashioned principles that the customer is always right.

Through their combined experience of over 60 years, they have developed the expertise, introduced systems and controls and built the resources necessary for us to offer our clients truly tailor-made services that are responsive to individual demands.

Through hard work, professional management, the latest in equipment and multi-skilled manpower our dry cleaners have committed to ensuring that cost savings are passed onto our customers.

We guarantee you that our dry cleaners will do the best job in caring for your garments!